Removing throttle cable from tag leopard. Please help with a tip

Need a tip please on getting the end of cable off the carb.

Guessing that you will have to release the other end of the cable. You should have a clamp near the throttle pedal. Remove it and pull the cable out thru the swivel in the carb.

Genius!! Lol I should have thought of that

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What a PITA. I’ve never messed with a leopard but if you have to remove cable every time you need to take motor off that would get old. Maybe you could cut a slit down the side of that so it’s more like a tilliston carb throttle cable slot thingy. Is it a tillisten carb?

Agree with Bryan. That’s not the stock throttle bracket, but there used to at least a few after market ones available. The original would have attached to the top plate of the carb and would have had the throttle cable come up from the bottom. The cable also would have gone through the brass swivel on the butterfly shaft. Seems to me that the brass swivel was drilled once for the throttle cable to pass through and a second hole would have been drilled and tapped for a set screw to hold the cable in place.

Easy fix, you’re inclined. Swap the two swivels on the carb shaft. The only thing holding them in place would be an e-clip.

Yeah it was a leopard. But I sold it! Getting a KA shortly. Tired of racing by myself in TAG class. I did what Tony recommended and worked perfect.

Thanks for the tips!