Returning to karting after over a year

Hi guys, some of you may recognize me, others not, I mean its been a hot minute so I don’t blame you.

Anyways, I’ve been away from karting for over a year, and long story short, I had to sell my kart, and some of my gear. I wanted to come back because of all the amazing memories I had when I was karting. I already have some experience, ofc, but with how much stuff can change nowadays, even after only a year, I still would like some help. I gave up 100cc 2S, and just want to focus on Briggs since now I have a lot more stuff to spend my money on than just karts. I also would like to know which good tracks are nearby. (I live just above the Tampa Bay Area).

We have a bunch of folks that can help with Briggs questions. What do you need help with?

Also, I’m sure there are some Tampa area karters that can suggest a track.

Bushnell Motorsports park to the north and Anderson to the south

There is a few tracks in Florida that you can race at. You have Bushnell, Anderson, Orlando, Homestead and Jacksonville that all have LO 206 classes.