Rib pain at high G

Hi . I have for the past week been driving really mutch and on sunday like 1hr 30 and i have been having bad rib pains in the high g corners that i have to slow down . Its like a pinching pain like a knife in the rib or something. I have lost 2 to 3 sec of my pace… what can this be. My seat was fitted 1 week ago and i run k style rib

You have a rib injury. Stop driving. Go to the doctors.

Hell na imma drive until the shitty ribs blow up. I just wounder if its something with my equippment

I’d speak to your doctor before doing that. Long term rib damage ain’t fun and can last months if not years.


Rib injuries are the most common in karting. Hopefully you are wearing a rib vest.

Don’t be stupid, go to a doctor. If it’s so bad it’s causing you to lose seconds of time it’s likely too late to prevent serious injury.

Rib injuries are no joke and if you break a rib and continue to beat on it, you risk lacerating your lung. And from experience, collapsed lungs are no fun.

An actual break requires long term healing and rest to recover. If you have torn the muscles or cartilage you need to rest and let it regenerate or you risk scarring which will mean even weaker ribs for life. Also speaking from experience.

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I want to share a story that I hope can convey to you and others the issue of continuing with a injury.

I used to play baseball (from when I was 4 till I was 14) coaches always told me that I was throwing to hard to quickly. I’m 18 now and have no where near the arm strength due to me “pushing through pain” I still have shoulder pain when just playing catch.

In the short while it will seem like no big deal but it’s going to really affect you down the road. It’s better to miss 2 weeks now then 2 months later.

It’s just my 2 cents but I would give a lot to go back and tell myself to chill out a little because it’s affected me a lot now.

Ribs also are not something to joke about, there is no cast or procedures that can heal a fractured rib, it’s excruciating pain just trying to breathe. Please at least consult a doctor before you end up having to take the season off due to a injury

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Change your rib protector, it’s clearly not doing its job for you.

I did as you intend to and raced with a rib injury popping ibuprofen every four hours to kill the pain and running last because I was lifting through the high g left, alpine stars rib vest, then I had to not drive for 6 months to heal. Switched to Bengio, zero pain.

Take it from me, it ain’t worth it!

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Mike, the only way for that to get better is to rest it. Go see the doc.

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in my ribprotector there are 3 like bumps on eack side like 1cm… its in one of the areas that i feel the pain if i put some foam betwen the gaps and maby see what happens, i have contacted a doc and he said that i can race this weekend and later on just take it a litter bit chill. like only 4 trainings a week fron 4 to 5.

Yeah, no. Go have the doc examine you.

There’s about 5 folks that have been through this above you throwing up big red flags. Don’t drive on this or you will make it worse and potentially take yourself out of the kart seat for 6 months.

Think of this as a rolled black flag pointed at you by a corner worker. Time to pit and go see what’s wrong.

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You are a junior? So I assume it should be your parents contacting the doctor. Speak to your parents, and tell them about your pain and THEY should talk to the doctor. This is absolutely vital you do this.

I mean my dad and me i have told them too😀

From a scale from 1 to 10 as 10 is crying in tears and 1 being none. I have 4

Take a break, go to the doctor. Better to miss one race than 6 months of racing.
“Toughing it out” is how many college athlete stars went nowhere in their sport
If you’re 2-3 seconds slower anyways, why even race?

I used to wear my rib protector too high. Almost under my arm pits. Started having rib pains. Moved the protector lower, no more pain.

Guess how you wear it really makes a difference

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