Rib Vest Recommendations


(Greg Meller) #41

Would that be a sizing or design issue?

I have no local shop in order to try them on and was hoping to have one ordered in time for next weeks race meet… so i’ll be guessIng size off a chart. At least Bengio have a size chart!

(Peter Zambos) #42

The Tillett is adjustable for that, and I recommend it, if you prefer a vest that’s not on the bulkier side.

(Dom Callan) #43

Design. THe curvature of the panels is too much for my chest.

(Aaron Hachmeister) #44

I will say I had a pretty nasty hit in turn 2 at New Castle, not terrible but definitely jarred me a bit. Slid into the turn 2 barriers after a steering clip failed. My FreeM rib vest worked just as it should, and I had a little soreness on Monday but today I’m feeling fine. I think the only pain I have today is my elbow because I hit it on the motor, but the ribs are okay.

(Michael Ting) #45

Where did you purchase your FreeM? FreeM USA isn’t very responsive to calls and email.

(Spencer Uzri) #46

Definitely a matter of individual preference. I have an Arrox & like it, though I’ve never had a problem with soreness.

(Don Westlie) #47

@realq86 I actually found it on Ebay.