Road Racing promotion

Below are some links to a series of video episodes our club has created to help promote road racing (superkarting) and karting in general. Any promotion that encourages participation for all ages and genders in karting, whether road or sprint, has to be good. Just need to see more of it. Okay, this is not exactly Drive to Survive production standard, but it comes from the heart and ideally shows how fun, challenging, grass roots, family/friend based (plus supported) and accessible karting is for all.

The production may provide some ideas for other karting clubs/organisations to do their thing as well. You don’t need a big budget to make a difference (as you’ll see).

Enjoy for those interested. For some reason the production run starts start from “Episode 3” and ends with “Episode 6” - don’t ask me why.


Nice. What kind of results did the club see from the content?

Mmmm… good question James. Our social media endeavour and public engagement needs some, shall we say, evolution. This production run by my club colleagues and me posting here is all part of of the journey. I’ll let you know in a few months.

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