Rok Shifter Coolant Leak

Got my idle screw adjusted (thanks guys!) and noticed a leak on the stand while warming the kart up. Hmmm…

Removed the seat, lower coolant hose is on nice and tight but moved the clamp and tightened. Filled the radiator up and rotated the rear wheels by hands and noticed the water is coming from above the front motor mount clamp and leaking down.

Now, back in July my front clamp broke which stripped out the front threads on the motor mount amd everything flopped over. I purchased a new Swedetech tapped factory Rok shifter mount and their single bolt clamps. First time back out, I threw the chain when the master link let go. I do not see any damage to the engine case from the chain. I won’t be able to remove the engine until tomorrow, but short of a cracked engine case by a water jacket anything in particular I should look for? Google is not turning up much, Swedetech is out at Sonoma and reddit even left me empty-handed. Engine temps remain stable, but I’m losing water. No leaks at radiator, water pump or hose connections.

are you able to provide some sort of video? Then we can see exactly where the water is coming from.

Here you go!

And a 2nd video with the side pod removed:

Clamps removed, looks to be coming midline from the bottom of the case, which, in my mind means a gasket failure, like a vertically split motorcycle engine that leaks oil. However, is there a water jacket there along the edge of the case?

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Nothing there

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check if it’s travelling from somewhere else…I don’t think it’s leaking from the middle, my vote is the lower port and water is travelling down.

Try checking that area…you can also run a water wetter (e.g. Maxima Cool-Aide) which is pink and will leave a trace once dry if you cannot find the source

Andy, interestingly enough, I found that video last night and froze the video a few times after he applies the red sealant and noticed the lack of a defined water passage/jacket.

Still not seeing the leak, but did notice the lower water port can “spin” as if it sits on/in a bearing.

Looks like the leak is found, where @Andy_DiGiusto suggested:

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Yes. I recommend building your cooling system like a Cadillac’s: AC Delco 5/8" heater hose and AC Delco spring clamps.

@Charles_Kaneb “yes” meaning “yes, that inlet pipe should be able to spin within the crankcase”?

it should not spin. This is the part. It may have broke off as you threw the chain. No big deal it’s a $7 part, may require some beers and swearing to remove, depending on how it broke off

Here is what you do:

  • Drain coolant
    -Remove rubber hose
    If it spins like it appears to be,means it’s broken past the threads and the red liquid gasket is the only thing keeping in place, somehow.

You need to pull the engine out (as you won’t have much room in there, but maybe you do), take the broken piece out (apply some heat with a hair drier to make the red blob softt). You’ll need to be creative to remove the inner bit. You can use an extractor tool or slowly cut through and chisel until you can grab it with pliers and turn, etc… Once done, backflush everything with water from cylinder outlet so all the debris gets fulshed

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@Andy_DiGiusto , $9.44 for the part…$13 to ship!

On its way, warming up my sentence enhancing “ma che cazzo”

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Yep, because I’m sure I’ll be saying it quite often @Bimodal_Rocket

Im curious if it broke on the threads in there or if the rtv there just failed and it somehow loosened.

karts have a way of making the colorful language come out. LOL