Roll on tech scale. Are livestock scale kits reliable?

My club has been using a grain scale for post race weigh in which means we have to lift kart onto small weigh pad every time, although we have a roll on digital scale that doesnt work. I would like to get the electronic one working.
I’ve seen livestock scale kits on ebay with the display, load cells and hardware for pretty cheap. Has anyone used these for a kart club? Are they reliable and accurate.
The veteran that brings the grain scale says it’s reliable, works and the digital scale would need constant calibration, pest killing, cleaning etc.
Most of the members would prefer a digital roll on scale.

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My club uses digital livestock scales.
No moving parts, and no more calibration than anything else. I would imagine that your current scales are calibrated at least every meeting which is all digital scales need.
A reputable brand of livestock scales would be just as, if not more accurate than anything else, livestock are bought by the Kg or Lb so accuracy and repeatability are extremely important.