Rotax carb difference

Recently saw a Rotax carb for sale that claims to be .3 faster.

Aside from being properly tuned for the climate(jet and needle position) can carbs be that different? How is that possible?

.3 on a 20 second lap would be a lot, on a minute long lap not so much so that kinda of figure makes no coherent sense without full context.

I was under the presumption the new carbs were pretty solid from Rotax, though could be wrong. If Rotax were the #1 class here in the UK I can assure you we’d find good ones, but this sounds a bit like sales talk. If I had a Rotax carb worth .3 I wouldn’t have to advertise it, put it that way.

What kind of gaurentee do you get that it will be .3s faster?

True, your probably right about it being a sales pitch.

From what I have seen the Rotaxs are all pretty comparable and we even run them outlaw.

I’m sure it’s a no money back guarantee :wink:

everything for sale of FB is a championship winner.