RPM question

Hi everyone, I am new to karting as an owner.
Yesterday, I ran my Ignite K3 at the GoPro Motorplex for the first time, and I noticed a drastic drop in the RPM and burps sounds before the T4. This happened in every lap. I added two pictures from the MyChron, and it is possible to notice the drops on RPM. Do you guys have any idea I could be happening and how to fix it?

Are you talking about these:

If so, that’s the rev limiter. Very normal. If you’re hearing it a lot and feel like you should still be accelerating, go down 1 tooth on your axle gear.

There’s a whole lot more to 206 gearing than that, but that will get you started.

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Basically what Derek said. The MyChron RPM lead doesn’t like the rev limiter on the 206, so the RPM trace always looks jumpy like that when you hit the rev limiter. It’s pretty normal and actually a good way to look at how much you’re on the rev limiter on a 206. You can compare it to other drivers and see where they’re hitting the rev limiter relative to you.


Thanks Derek and Aaron. I will reduce 1 tooth and see how the 206 reacts to it.

I am learning a lot with you guys. Thanks !!!

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More than most care, but if you think of RPMs in terms of spark plug fires and not engine revolutions, what you see is quite literally what is happening. The ignition is cutting spark (mychron reads spark to get RPMs) to limit your engine speed and keep it from continuing to accelerate. You are seeing real “fires” per minute on your Mychron readout.


Don’t forget it is the stopwatch that tells the right answer. You may spend time on the rev limiter. At the track I run we are on the rev limiter for about 2 seconds when geared optimally for best lap