Seat stay position on axle support

Are there any suggested way on how to mount the seat stay/brackets to the axle bearing mounts?

  • Is it best practice to mount the 1st stay to brake/engine top of the bearing mount or in the position closer to the front?
  • is it best to ensure both brake/engine mounts are mounted in the same orientation? (based on pic bellow, if brake is on #1, then engine should be #1 as well)

pic bellow; should the first seat stay be bolted to #1 and then if your adding a second on the brake side should it be #2? or vice versa?


The main purpose of additional seat stays is weight transfer. An added benefit would be the seat acting like a torsion bar for the rear axle. I suppose changing the mounting hole could be used as a way to fine tune the spring effect created by the seat and the axle being locked together. I think seat rigidity could have a similar effect, but moving a stay to another hole is a whole lot simpler. A Tony Kart guy I know said I should mount my stays to the rear holes to stiffen up the back of the kart. I can only assume that in comparison, center or forward holes would soften up the rear. Something worth playing with.

Hopefully others will chime in and either confirm or correct my thinking here.

thanks for the additional info and never thought of them of different levels of stiffness and if that is the case I would assume they should be mirrored on both sides. for some reason on my kart, the engine side is in hole 2 and then left side is in hole 1. something that I wanted to confirm the setup reasoning before I start making changes.