Seat strut engine side rotax

(Christopher Ramnauth) #1

Hey guys, can i have some suggestions on specific seat struts to go on the engine side for a rotax senior application?

Its a birel chassis and I’m having difficulty getting a strut that’s gonna turn 90 degrees essentially so i can get it under the exhaust and to the outter bearing cassette.



(Liam Sergeant) #2

There are seat stays available specific to the purpose, I also recently bent a straight one thought it’s not as nice. Two bends seems to be what is needed.

(Ted Hamilton) #3

I’ve also run one to the inner carrier at times…

(Christopher Ramnauth) #4

Thanks for the replies guys.
Liam would that specific one you sent work?

Ted, that’s where i currently have it but i want to leave the third bearing loose and mount it to the outter carrier instead

(Marin Vujcich) #5

The OTK one for rotax is the best solution ive seen. Its also adjustable length.