Setup question re shifter kart, front end

I’m having a (virtual) handling conundrum. General ideas are same though.

With the shifter chassis:

The kart wants to stay in a straight line under hard braking at high speed. Imagine a 180 at end of straight.

The kart steering feels “locked” Under braking. I have to force the column to get the rubber to disconnect and let me turn in, sort of.

The kart is very stable under braking. Too stable. It won’t let me turn in until I have decelerated to its satisfaction. It’s like understeer without turning the wheel, or the opposite of understeer. It won’t let you turn.

This is forcing me to V everything.

If you were trying to tune to get the front end to be more responsive, what would you look at.

Max caster.
Narrowest front end.
Added a tenth to rear width, so pretty neutral.

I am gonna try messing with my seat placement for starters. Perhaps moving weight off the front end will help make turn in more fluid.

Changing caster to neutral or zero does change how turn in feels and slightly improved but still masks a “pause” in the karts balance as I go to turn in. Kart feels heavier to turn at all speeds with low caster and feels less lively.

Did you mess with adjusting brake bias yet?

I’ll mess with that, good idea. Currently at 35% rear up from baseline of 20.

So I figured it out.

It was me. Just plain ol understeer with a twist. Normally, I equate understeer with wheels turned, / /, car go straight. This was different in that I couldn’t get the wheels to turn until the tires were ready to let them go. So, a different form of plowing.

Simple fix. Brake earlier.