"Sh** Karter's Say" (or don't!)

So one thing I’ve been pondering for some time is what is it about karting culture that makes us unique?

So, we hear things all the time at the track, figured I’d start a thread to see what everyone from coast to coast, and worldwide hears all the time.

“If you want to make a small fortune in racing, start with a big one!”

“Man…I made so much money at the track this weekend!” (never hear that one lol)

“If I only had _________, I’d be so much faster.”

Etc. etc. What are your ‘kart-ism’s?’

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One you never hear regarding wrecks: “it was all my fault”

“Gripped Up”
“I need new tires”
“What gear do I need”
“How much air you running”


Honey, if you don’t mind terribly, but only if it’s ok, would it be possible, of course if there isn’t anything that really needs to be done, or anything that you think might need to be done, if it’s not to much of an imposition, can nick and me go karting?

Her: Ok. (thank god those two are out of my hair for the weekend).


“Yeah it was fine in qualifying, I’m going to leave it like that in the final”

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“Are results posted yet? I’m going to go look.” … “Nope, still not posted.”


“Just gonna send it.”


“It runs up front out of the box…”


“What was I thinking?”

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Kart is perfect. Now if we could just fix the loose nut behind the wheel!

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I think my chassis in bent

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When was the last time you put the Snipers on it?

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Is never an ok answer?

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Two-stroke engines just LOVE cold air…

Two more laps I would’ve caught you

Lean is mean
It was the air density’s fault
More caster is more faster

These might just be things I say

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