Shipping fees

Any suggestions for vendors who do not charge exorbitant shipping fees for small orders? Im looking for copper wheel nuts and shipping fees are more then the parts… and not needing $200 worth…

I dont know if that helps coz im thinking you live in usa , but mondokart has free shipping worldwide if you order more than 50 euros . And i think thats fair enough.

In my thousands of dollars in mondo orders I’ve never received free shipping… No matter the package size for that matter.

I am not so sure about this. When I have gone to checkout, it always had shipping fees.
I have not placed an order as a result. Can you confirm the “worldwide” part?

MondoKart only offers free shipping in the EU, not worldwide.

I guess is my mistake then … i though it was free shipping for worldwide … sorry for the wrong info !

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all good, it gets confusing! Regardless their shipping prices are quite reasonable considering its international. Paid about $40 to ship some MXC’s to the East Coast Of the US and they came in 4 days, quicker than most places in the US. Plus I saved over $200 by buying from Europe and Not the US even with shipping.


This is a fantastic topic!

I often opt to not buy things because the shipping is stupid expensive on small items. I’m glad I wasn’t the only person to notice.

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Yup, this is something that is very annoying to me about online kart vendors. Compared to pretty much all of my other hobbies, Karting is the only one where shipping fees are ridiculous across the board.

As a former small kart business owner, there’s not a shop in the country that makes anything off of shipping fees. Just pay them or drive to your nearest kart shop.

For reference UPS cost me over $500 in lost and broken shipments just this spring. There’s no way to do it cheaply and survive with low volumes and low margins in karting.


It just cost me near $40 to ship two MyChrons in a 10x6x4 box at under 4#'s with a business account and discounts… I promise, kart shops aren’t gouging customers on shipping and are probably losing a bit of their bottom line on it.

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When you put the lost 2.9% cc fee and the cost of materials it is breakeven or loss in most cases.

My wife uses Amazon 24/7 so I use old Amazon boxes and packing material to help with shipping.

Mondo must have phenomenal shipping rates. For a $20k shipment of wheels from Italy to NC (2 pallets), it cost me $28 per set of wheels ($1600 total) to get them to my warehouse.

I don’t get how my employer pays 5 bucks for FedEx and a consumer pays closer to 50.

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