Should I upgrade my sim gear or invest into karting gear

Im finding myself more on the track I only have karting gloves and for shoes I just go with whatever is flat I dont have much a problem with sim gear Im running a thrustmaster T248 and Im still able to compete in the high splits of iracing even clinched a podium at the 24 hours of daytona but still I have some money to spend and I’m not sure which path I should go with

Which do you do more of?

For me the stuff like gloves and shoes for racing irl dont matter too much in that non race shoes are fine. Gloves, yeah, good gloves matter but that’s for both SIM and IRL.

But I think you’d get more out of a new base or pedals or whatever for sim than a good pair of shoes or similar.

I have true brake pedal mods i have license A so I think I’m good in terms of gear I’m still competing top level against people with direct drives but I’m not sure what karting gear I should pick up first

Helmet first. Rental helmets tend to be :nauseated_face: especially in Dubai :hot_face: :sweat_drops:

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Oooh yeah I concur with Richard on that. If you don’t have your own helmet yet, save up for a good one like a nice Zamp. Or maybe even the Bell or Arai if 600usd is achievable.

Also, folks drop the rental helmets so there’s that.

Sim gear wise if you don’t have loadcell pedals (elastomer mods are just feel) you need those. Small DD should be doable inexpensively too now. I’m sure there’s used ones. Mine new was pretty cheap since it’s one of the little 8nm ones. They are really worth it.

But yeah helmet first for real life stuff.

yea true definitely been looking into helmets

i got alpine star gloves looking into helmets might be going with zamp or bell and after I lose weight maybe a suit :joy: but for pedals after i got the true brake pedals my time got better by 0.8s, and also testrd with load cell, the true brakes performed much better

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What are the true brake pedals? I have not heard about that.

Suit is maybe the least of your worries but also nice to have. Personally I find the Sparco Kerb at 300 USD Retail one to be a good value.

But it also looks like you could get a custom suit from someone like Urace for not much more… but you are in UAE I think so that’s not practical unless there’s something similar locally.

they are mods made for the logitech g29 but managed to fit them into my thrustmaster pedals and works like a charm! the brakes feels amazing and its much better with shoes and actually has weight to it, about the suits i can find stock Omp’s for a 200-500 dirham price range about 100-150 USD but all of the tracks in UAE all require a suit to be worn regardless, and the rental ones aren’t really the best they are very heavy multiple washes either too tight or too loose

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I will add my Urace suit is Very hot. Thick material almost feels like a car suit inside. Even in Pennsylvania I get pretty hot in that. Can’t imagine what it would be like over there. If you’re going for custom and want to be comfortable. My liquidsky suit was way less warm in comparison. Also cost more

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Sparco X-Light is my go to for this region. It’s nice and light material wise. I have an Alpine Stars too but it’s kind of like wearing a duvet.

do u know stores where i can pick up from not gulf or overpriced because most of the places ive found are all marked up like crazy

For Alpine Stars I recommend their US site - 10% discount on your first order all you have to to is register with them. You’ll get a pop up window to register. I saved a decent chunk on my daughter’s suit and boots. Use Emirates Delivers or shop n ship. Emirates is a better service but shop n ship don’t care about size only weight. I shipped my daughter a new snowboard from US for less than 100 aed shipping with shop and ship.

My Sparco suit I get from CRG but you can save if you go through for example and use shop n ship.

Gloves -273 and emirates delivers.

Good to know if I ever visit and try to kart in shorts and no shirt.

Here we are less strict. Only some tracks require the full monty. For the most part it’s long pants/ closed toe shoes. However places like UK in Baltimore let you wear shorts!

@Richard_Jacques the Xlite is intersting, thanks!
Very dodgy pricing on Google… what’s the actual cost to pay attention to? I assume the 115 dollar sites are bullshit.

Actually… looks like 2020 close outs in very limited sizes. @Abdulkarim google it and take a look to see if one is your size. At 80% off, might be worth the hassle of international.

I actually picked up alpine stars gloves from an official store while i was going to kart in egypt for 214 AED they have a brand deal with Birel Art its pretty legit they have kart parts for sale even bell helmets you can order but they are kind of overpriced however, they also have karting shoes still contemplating i have 7 days left here

ill definitely look into it