Sliding with rear mag hubs

In the last test i gave a try for magnesium hubs in the rear. The difference was really huge. With the aluminiums u had no problem with the grip but as soon i put the mags on the back slided alot during corner entry and i had less rear grip so i couldnt push into the corner. How can such a big difference be?

Same length hub in both instances?

Mag has lower capability to keep heat, it means, mag dissipate heat more easily than aluminium.
Due to that, it is a possibility you had lower temp in your tires and lower grip.
Just my thoughts.

General rule of thumb. Cooler day and/or not much rubber on the track, alu hubs.

Hot day and/or lots of rubber on the track, mag hubs.

I am surprised you saw such a dramatic difference though. As mentioned previously, probably not enough heat in the tire.

the track was ok not too sticky but defenetly not green or low. i tried all the pressues but it was just not the same. on my rotax senior befor that was not a problem, it ran even better with mags, but with my DD2 its the opposite world. could it be because of the unique frame characteristics?

Very surprised you felt any real difference at all. The change should be quite small.

Yep was also suprising for me. Didnt had that on a normal chassis. I put the same width etc. But the difference is huge. Maybe it because the dd2 is very stiff in the back and those mags stiffen it more up