So, NJ karting enthusiasts, f series schedule is up

(Dom Callan) #1

Yay. Here’s hoping it warms up in time for March practice dates.

(James McMahon) #2

Fun series. I’d love to do NJMP some day.

(Dom Callan) #3

NJMP is a really nice track. It’s basically two tracks combined with elevation changes and some very fast bits.
Etown is crap but it’s still fun and local.

(Joey Kowaleski) #4

Englishtown is one of those tracks you either love or hate. I personally love it, my first three seasons we club raced there. It sucks they closed the drag strip, hopefully they keep the karting going beyond this year.

(Dom Callan) #5

The track itself is fun. It just really needs some new asphalt.

When I was there last in October, the drag strip was being used. It was amateurs in muscle cars, I think.

(Nicholas Bruno) #6

Etown as a whole is great, going there for a day race in the summer is just rough if its a hot day. I’s like racing in a frying pan. I’m hoping to get down there at least once this year