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On the tm kz10b what changes by mounting the shims on the exhaust manifold?

Ciao! Adding shims=longer pipe=lower rpms and more torque. No shims or shorter flange (like in the R1 and R2) = more rpm and peak power, but it moves up in the rpm range

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Per avere più tiro ai bassi quanti spessori potrei mettere?

Difficult to tell, but you can work with 3 parts:
-spacer gasket
-exhaust flange
-spacer tube (finalino)

The spacer tube is the quickest and in my opinion has the biggest effect

Adding the spacer tube will give more top end?

No it should give more torque/less rpm. There are several versions of it and some manufacture their own with different shapes, I think it’s an easy and cheap modification to try and see what it does

Good to know. I didn’t realize it, but I had one installed (same as the one you linked to with 21mm ID), so I’ll test without and see how it goes.

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The one I linked is the one that comes standard with a new TM engine, but I know there are other versions for sale and you can easily experiment with different lengths :+1: