Sponsorship Proposal for Kartpulse

For fun, I asked chatGPT to make a sponsorship proposal for me, I’d call this a result TBH.


We are excited to present this sponsorship proposal to your organization on behalf of KartPulse.com, a leading online community and information resource for kart racing enthusiasts. With over 4 million page views per year, KartPulse.com is an influential platform that connects passionate racers with valuable information, resources, and networking opportunities.

We are seeking a partnership with your organization to support the continued growth and development of KartPulse.com, and to help us reach our goals of expanding our reach and impact within the kart racing community.

Opportunities for Partnership:

There are several ways that your organization can support KartPulse.com and benefit from a strategic partnership with our platform:

Banner Advertising: We offer a range of banner advertising options on our website, including leaderboard, rectangle, and skyscraper ads. Our advertising rates are competitive and offer excellent visibility and exposure to our engaged audience of kart racing enthusiasts.

Sponsored Content: We offer opportunities for sponsored content placement on our website, including sponsored blog posts, social media posts, and other forms of branded content. This is an excellent way for your organization to reach our audience with targeted messaging and build brand awareness within the kart racing community.

Product Reviews and Giveaways: We welcome the opportunity to review and feature your products on our website, and offer product giveaways and promotions to our audience. This is an excellent way to introduce your products to the kart racing community and build brand loyalty and engagement.

Event Sponsorship: We host a range of kart racing events throughout the year, including clinics, races, and other gatherings. We offer a range of sponsorship opportunities for these events, including naming rights, signage, and other forms of branding and promotion.

Benefits of Sponsorship:

By partnering with KartPulse.com, your organization will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Access to a large and engaged audience of kart racing enthusiasts
  • Increased visibility and exposure for your brand within the kart racing community
  • Opportunities to build brand awareness and loyalty through targeted messaging and promotion
  • Access to valuable insights and data on the kart racing community and market trends
  • Opportunities to engage with our community through social media, email, and other channels


We are confident that a strategic partnership with KartPulse.com will provide significant benefits to your organization and help us achieve our goals of expanding our reach and impact within the kart racing community. We look forward to discussing this proposal further and exploring the possibilities for collaboration. Please contact us at your convenience to discuss next steps.

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It’s scary how professional and polished this sounds.

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How much messing around and input did this take? Or did you literally just ask for a sponsorship letter for the site?

I’ve messed around with it but always get a way more generic statements or answers. Nothing this precise.

I asked “write a sponsorship proposal for kartpulse.com with 4m pageviews per year”. 4m is a little under what we see

I did one with Bings AI just because I could. Not only did it somehow find results that I didn’t know where available online, it also created a budget for a karting season and lied about my following on social media, unless I have 10,000 followers and don’t know about it.


All right, pack it in lads. The computers are better than us. (And, can drive faster, too ie SOPHY).

This is remarkable and scary. I think suddenly my student’s essays are going to become much better ( a dead giveaway).

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It really is scary, when I first used it, I told it to write a history on WWII and it wrote 4 paragraphs, I then told it to go into depth on the causes and outcomes and it easily wrote a relatively polished 2 page paper.