Sprocket Gapping 100cc KPV - 2 Pipe


I’m interested in purchasing more sprockets for my 100cc KPV Kart. Given that I don’t want to purchase every sprocket size out there. I’m currently running a 79t to have the exact medium between high and low speed. The track I currently run is action karting in Morrison CO with lots of high speed corners and straights. I should also say I’m running a 2 pipe and am considering purchasing a 3.

I was hoping to see what tooth size gaps would be reasonable to have. IE 3,4,5 teeth between each sprocket. In order to have reasonable gapping for each variety of circuit I may run!

Thanks Again!

Each tooth on the rear sprocket should be about 200 RPM either way. For casual running, I would like to have at least every other tooth gear.

For most tracks, I run between a 72-79 rear gear and that gets the job done for a variety of layouts. Sometimes the front sprocket needs to change if it’s especially tight or the track has especially long straights.

So 72-79 should be sufficient? I’m surprised given the huge range that can be found. But good to know!