Stator on x30 before 2015

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I´m about to give my x30 motor some love this winter. I noticed that the coils on my stator is not measuring the same across the 3 of them. As shoved on my attached picture, the first one is 109ohm then only 5ohm and again 109 ohm. I thought that my stator was about to die, so I bought a new used one on ebay in perfect condition. But the new one is measuring the exact same. To me the 3 coils, should have about the same ohm, or is there something special about this stator ?
For reference : Its the old one, with old electric harness.


No one, knows this ?

I can’t speak to the specific ohm numbers, but I would have expected different readings in the coils as they have different winding numbers.

Maybe it is normal :thinking::thinking:

To answering my own question.

I got a reply back from Iame. The numbers I’m measuring , is perfectly normal for the old model stator I have.

Thanks for following back with us with your results and feedback. This is good info.

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