Studs on iame x30 loose

Hi there! Im doing a customers engine and the studs that hold the top on are loose… i can screw then up snd down with my fingers… i have never seen anything like this… should i tighten this?

Don’t remember seeing anything about those in the overhaul manual. I’d mention to the customer it’s not normal and suggest Loctite 272 on them before pulling the trigger on a cylinder.

272 should work fine.


Well another problem, some donkey destroyed the torx pn the front sprocket…

How do i get it out?
Safe way without ruining everything

With a stud extractor (cobalt drill to pilot). Carefully.

Is there any other way? I need to be done by tmrw and i dont have a stud extruder

There are a couple of different ways. You could drill out the heads and hope there is enough of the bolt remaining to grab with pliers and unscrew them. I recommend putting a torch to the sprocket side of the screws to help release any thread locker that was likely used. Another option after torching them is to use a small chisel coming in at as shallow an angle as possible on one side of the exposed hole and try to rotate the screw out.

This guys has some good techniques:

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ok so the bit is a t25 i heated it up, and took a old t25 and hammerd it in the torx took the ugga dugga and it came loose, Im sending the customer a good pait of used screws just bc


I’m genuinely curious Mike, as this is a very American expression, where did you learn American “Ugga-dugga” units?

:scream: and so it begins, welcome to working for a living…

I know, right? I like this kid! He would fit right in around here!

Mike, anytime you need help with weird mechanical stuff like this, just put it up and we got you. I have nearly a lifetime of mechanical hacks that might help you out. If not me, then another here can. Its always great to see a young person with the drive and passion to do something like what you are doing.

A mechanical impact screw-driver is a useful tool in this situation.
As you hit the driver with a hammer to create the torque, you simultaneously force the driver bit hard into the screw as well, lessening chances of slippage

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Just drill them out, if they aren’t loose after the torque is gone there will be enough thread to grab with pliers. Drill size isn’t critical, just drill through the counter sunk part and it will come off.

Heje well when i was like 11 i had a big intrest in rc cars… i used to watch a guy that had like 100 of them called kevin talbot on yt. Always when he took the impact out he said “this is a job for the uggga dugga” and me and my dad always since just say that to eachother. Where is thr ugga dugga? In the trolley i answer​:rofl::rofl:

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Find it kinda fun… i always clean my stuff to perfection after every ride and i dont have anything to do… so doing otherrs is just nice. I could do it for free bc i like it. But getting money is just even better, and i realize that without karting i would’t have anything to do. And with my adhd i have like ultra focus on the thing i like (hard to explain) but when doing things i dont like i can just start to sleep bc i get bored or have random energy peaks

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Well, the ideal is to do something you enjoy and you appear to be on your way. If you like to hammer on karts, might as well find a way to make it a business.

Seriously tho, ditch Machomottorz and go with something more neutral.

like what? i have never been good on figuring out names and logos i have had a hard time making awaracing took a long time!

supersvensk räcing

I like this.

Keep the awa racing but use suoersvenk as your engine rebuild co

Motor renovering tjänster | AWA Racing
some price changes and some improved grammar


You just describe almost every human male on the planet! Don’t worry about it. Ride the peaks and sleep through the troughs. As you get older you learn how to occupy your time with more peaks than troughs and feel more productive.