Supercharged 2024 season 2

We should definitely enter that race.

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Went and got some laps in last night. It’s a fun track, or couple of tracks.

I got to do the upstairs track last night which was a hoot. It has some tight banked turns, back-to-back, that cause chaos. The new karters seem to struggle making the very sharp, banked turns, which results in needing to be rescued by an attendant.

Note to BizKarts: your braking system is beyond annoying. The way the braking shuts off engine is not enjoyable. I get it that you don’t want people double pedaling but 1s throttle delay is inexcusably bad.

So, lots of yellow flags!

The downstairs track was an ice rink, which was very entertaining. Sliding around almost like it was a drift session. Very good fun, but also a shitshow.

I’ll go back tonight and see if maybe I can get a clean lap in. The Bizkarts seem good, and hopefully we can get in throttle and stay for a while this next time.

Value wise: ten pack 160, so reasonable in bulk. Heats are very short. 6-7 laps. Also, a big annoyance is that they don’t schedule races unless there’s enough people so you do a lot of waiting if it isn’t busy, sadly.

Was talking with one of the fellas working here (David Hall) who races lo206 and finds himself in a pickle, locally. Apparently OKC is distributing Tilly so he needs to either change engine or go race somewhere else, like Bushnell. :sob:

Ooh just did a big-boy time: 44.4, which according to the guy working here is basically on pace. Since the track was repainted this year, they aren’t seeing 43s anymore, too slippery. The kart felt good, more powerful, and the track is developing. Oddly, I haven’t gotten boost in most of my heats. I’m curious if boost could take me down to 44.0.

Today was really fun. Got 8 sessions in and had the opportunity to race with a couple of quick local guys. Sessions got a lot smoother with less flags, joys of midweek, I guess!

Also, met the manager Nick Williams, who had seen my Google review. He’s a transplant from TX and managed a few karting places. Nice guy and enjoyed chatting with him. Overall, everyone here was very pleasant and helpful. Thanks for having me!

I got a bad kart twice. 12 and 11th places. Grr.
Well that screws up the season.

Also, an undercarriage lighting kit for a snowboard.

I learned a lot from this video. Suboptimal lines can be avoided.

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@RandallC anf I did the 2 guys 2 teams approach to the NJMP enduro Saturday.

It was good fun - and again, 131 laps. We only had 4 teams total, however, so it was a quiet race. I believe we took 2 and 3. We did not have enough kart for 1st alas. While our kart was decent, it just couldn’t quite keep up with the leader. I’d close up to him but never get to complete and stick a pass.

I took my little headlamp (night race) and it’s quite interesting how much crap is whizzing by your head outdoors. You don’t notice until you have lights but we kick up little pebbles constantly.

After a weeks hiatus, back to the coliseum for more gladiator karting.

We had last week off for some reason. During that week they opened the super track (footage from @nikspeeds).

Report from Nik (who kicked everyone’s booty) is that they have two slowdown corners, which are annoying, but it’s a lot of fun. We are hoping to be able to do it speed 4 with no slowdowns, we shall see.

Sessions are 3 laps, but I’m not too sure if anyone other than first place gets 3 full laps.

For the races, we are in week 5 of 6. I had two bad karts last week and ended up 12 and 11. This week, I get a pretty good kart and manage 3rd in first heat. My second kart was less good and only pulled off 9th.

But, it was an entertaining night, with good traffic, etc. I also had a lot of fun carving the final sector. My second kart had some handling pecadillos but number 1 kart was lovely!

Oh, I played around with lead placement and instead of weight as far forwards as possible, I went far back. I seem to have better stability in the cutback turns with the weight back.

Nik created a calculator for drops that helps decide whether it’s worth using. He suggests that I not use a drop this heat. I therefore have one left which could help final week. Unfortunately week 4 was a washout for me, so there’s no coming back from that with only 4 points races. However, we shall see where I land ultimately. A top 5 is possible with a very strong final heat, maybe.

@nikspeeds has a big brain moment
He ordered these for the enduro… instead of waving a flag at your driver, you hold up 3, 2, 1 for their laps to go…

@nikspeeds we should start a database of karts. It would be interesting to stack them according to their results by kart number. We could answer the question if the slow/fast karts are consistent. I would assume so but that’s not necessarily the case.

I showed Noah my video last night where you can see if I almost hit into Ben at rye one slowdown. He pointed out that there’s a marker in the previous turn where it’s supposed to slow you down, but looks like that’s not happening until after the turn. It looks like it’s running in reverse track mode by what he drew out, which would make sense there. He said they’ll take a look so that could be something that gets fixed.

If you look at it right now, 7 minutes (the race hard limit) = 420 seconds. If you don’t average 105s per lap, you will never complete 4 laps. The slowdown seems to last I think more than 1 second so without the slowdown it’s probably possible as I did 106.5s that night as is and that’s the lap record so far.

It sucks being almost to the end of your 4th lap and having it not count, altho the public racers probably don’t notice :man_shrugging:

If you average 108s per lap that puts you 432s, or 12 seconds short of completing that 4th lap. So I think if you add 20-30 seconds even to the SuperTrack races it will let the even people averaging 110-112.5s per lap hit their 4th (assuming no/minimal yellows).

Or if that 1 slowdown is removed that might be enough to do it idk.

I brought this up too, and they said they’re leaving the timing as is for now but that what I said was interesting and they’d consider it for later (technically grand opening hasn’t happened til next week) and also consider removing slowdowns for league people completely :tada:

What’s odd to me is how laps towards end of session, in general, don’t count.

My white flag laps have been lap 13 consistently and they don’t record a time. Oddly everyone but Kevin showed 12 laps. They must have turned it off after Kevin crossed line.

In other news… Adobe released Firefly 3…

It now seems to know what a go-kart is!

Bottom one looks like 4-stroke rental.

SuperTrack is even more frustrating for 2 reasons:

  1. My “final” 3rd lap that was recorded was actually posted after I was slowed (as in, the timers kept going after slowdown, so the race wasn’t actually over).

  2. The 1st lap starts at the track 1 S/F. You’re already on power for like 1.5mins before you get back to Track1 and times start recording, which really dig into the race.

I think they need to work out some logistics there.

But again, most of their customers will probably never notice.

@nikspeeds h2 is dull but interesting in that my avg lap time suggests I should have been able to place higher. However, last 4 laps were .5, .6, .6, .6, So, while I jumped to 5th, I stopped improving while others found more time on warm tires. Usually my fastest is 11-12.

They say that rain equalizes kart fleets. I propose beer, as our responsible motocross friends demonstrate.

Ok so it’s not just me… @nikspeeds
We are collectively slower, we appear to be unable mostly to break 45 on t1, which is a fairly significant change from seasons past. Neither h1 nor h2 was able to pull it off again.

We are 5 weeks in and have been oddly slow as a group since the beginning.

I don’t think it’s the weights, as there are plenty of guys 200+ that could do 44s prior.

Could it be track? Is the track getting so worn?

The karts have decidedly become uneven. I’m going with the karts getting beaten up as the explanation but it doesn’t really explain why some get more top end or get to top end quicker.

When you really don’t want racers using a particular kerb…

I think after having now ~100 sessions there myself I can say there have been exceptional days where I’m just off and not hitting my lines and can feel it in the moment, but then there’s days that feel nearly perfect and the video looks good but the results don’t suggest the same.

There are karts that have been terrible and then a month later they feel fine again. And there’s some where the alignment is so bad that the tie Rod is hitting my leg. It’s unfortunate but I think they’re so beat up at this point that there’s not much they can do except keep playing whack-a-mole or actually decide on a plan. They’re still printing money over there.

I’d imagine that’s why GPNY says they have a set of “League-only karts” :thinking:

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Does your league format let you do a kart swap pit stop? Do you get a drop heat? Those practices help to eliminate times when you get a bad kart. I like them at Wrentham.

As a fleet ages, it’s got to be super tough to keep them maintained to a similar level. It would be nice if all their tires were replaced at the same time, but do the economics work out for the track to do that?

OVRP? I did the Pro Cup Karting enduro there last year. People kept crashing into it anyways cause the track surface was nearly 100% puddle.

We did institute drops last season as the karts were starting to show their age.

So, we have two drops for 4 nights. It’s better than nothing, but it still stinks to get stinker kart!

We don’t have the ability to swap karts once it’s assigned, unless it dies on track or something g dramatic.

Yeah that’s the OVRP island at last years 6hrs of NY. It was a very wet race and that kerb kept sucking folks into it! The 2024 race is this weekend, coincidentally.

We have rebel scum racing and shake and bake showing up.

Yeah but that’s not it. I feel like I have driven well and been slow.

One other thing is temp. With only two groups we aren’t working the track as hard, fewer heats. It could be also that the temps are just way lower this time around.

These look like they’d be nice: :crazy_face:

@nikspeeds you know what’s weird? Pretty sure all the electrics have diffs.

Yeah I seen that on some of the specs. Including the Rimos we have. Basically one motor per wheel with some electronic magic in between.

Those OTLs are at RPM and are nice. They have that annoying power cut brake issue though :slightly_smiling_face:.

Would be nice to just have a similar experience to what we had in September. Just buy 40 new Rimos :joy:.

Unfortunately ROI for them would be extremely low if it’s truly dedicated league karts, financially, there’s no way to justify that. They’re around $10k each, and running the league itself is less profitable than public races, so I doubt that will ever happen :confused:.

That is a big one for sure, but there’s definitely cases where I feel I have good grip and still not running a good pace. Maybe tho the only reason the grip is OK in those cases is running at a lower / underpowered speed :thinking: :joy:

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It does raise the question about jacking. Presumably the design of chassis remains the same wherein turning the wheel lightens the inside rear. However, the differential is also at play.

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I found this fascinating because the subtitles are utter nonsense.

And in other news, Scott Monison encounters baby geese on the racing surface. One of the fellas is so taken aback he does a 180 and crashes into the guy behind him.

And a vintage send:

Edit: Scott reports that no geese/goslings were harmed but the fella who zigged into another guy to avoid the little babies did about 1k in damage to his new kart. :smiling_face_with_tear: