Supply Chain Issues in 2022

So I have placed 4 orders through Comet Kart Sales so far in 2022, and 3 of them cannot be fore filled due to supply chain issues. I get the call from Comet almost everytime I order that at least one item they advertise on their website is no longer available


when it does come back into stock, the price will be significantly increased.

Anyone else running into this issue, here in the U.S. or across the pond? In know rims in particular seem to be in short supply.

Everything is in short supply across multiple industries. Material shortages globally and shipping disruptions from COVID.

I have three orders with Arai for helmets and accessories that have been back ordered since October and I’m not getting my last shipment until July.

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I haven’t tried to buy rims lately, but Briggs engines and Mychron’s are like hen’s teeth here in Ontario.

This is likely to be the case for a good portion of the year still. It’s like this in many industries, not just karting.

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Going to continue for a while. My best estimate, if the world doesn’t turn to poo, is late Q3 to Q4 before we start seeing relief.

As of today, transit times from overseas is still 10-12 weeks, pre covid it was 4-6 weeks.

Raw material lead times have improved but not enough to make much of a dent. Even if you get raw material, machine time is jam packed.

Pre covid we had total lead times from overseas at 24-26 weeks. We saw a peak of 52 weeks and we are now about 36-40. Some cases we are seeing better, some worse.

On the domestic front, not much better. Raw materials are 12+ weeks and same issues with production lines. What was a 6-8 weeks lead time is still pushing 16-18 weeks.

If kart shops haven’t passed on increases yet, expect it. Raw materials are still increasing with exception of brass. It has finally leveled off. Steel and Stainless steel still increasing.

Just understand all the above when you place orders or want parts. Supply is very limited. The Karting world is near the bottom of the manufacturing food chain and in turn, small manufacturing orders are getting bumped for larger manufacturers.


Yeah, this is a daily struggle for me. I work at a new car dealership in the parts department. Keeping track of back orders has become our biggest headache. On top of that, daily shipments have become super unreliable.

I’ve had that call from Comet and Kart Sport NA this week too…

After a little digging I found the parts I needed. In particular 206 stuff in general is hard to find.

Yes, huge wake up call. Aside from covid issues, for years everybody has been running with low inventory, almost just in time assuming no supply chain issue will ever occur. Now this happens and nobody has inventory at any level (retailers, distributors, importers, manufacturers) so it will take a while to restart especially in a niche market like this. Prices are up because of inflation, will go up more as transportation keeps increasing, then safety stock cost will also go up as business will have to protect themselves for shortages, which in turn will favor concentration and bigger operations. Interesting times for sure!

Anyone got a line on aluminum 5 inch metric front wheels, that’s what I keep finding is difficult to find and I need a set for my rain tires. I have the rears, I just need the fronts.

I may have a set in near new condition, but need to verify the bolt pattern. They are spun not cast, FYI.

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Just got a set of aluminum 5 inch 130/180 metric rains yesterday along with a set of magnesium rims. Aluminum rain wheels were $120 for the set including bead locks. It was a $1200 order for a bunch of things, everything I wanted was in stock, insured air shipping was 5 days and $95. I saved over $500 buying from Mondokart. I prefer to buy at home but as we can clearly see from the posts on this thread that ain’t workin out too good.

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They have several aluminum fronts available in 130mm 5 inch and other sizes if needed. The 5 inch 130mm aluminum fronts are $27.50 each.

Gotta start reading my posts better.

I know with Comet, the products are being advertised. But when you place the order, you get a call same day/next day that although they have the product on their website, they don’t have them in stock.

I’ll check out Mondo Kart :+1:

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Mondo is a good place to buy parts too. Also to mention the times I have bought from them (hubs, sprocket carriers…stuff like that) they are either mis-matched or are scuffed up. To me, it’s not a big deal, but to others opening a box to discover you have 2 rear wheel hubs that you ordered and they both are different styles, and different colors, but same length could be concerning…

I think of them as a harbor freight for karting LOL. Comet and other places are the snap ons of the states.


That is a good price.
My goto for most kart parts has been Acceleration Karting because they ship quickly and rarely have shown something in stock that wasn’t. Douglas 5x5.125 Euro pattern wheels are $41.46 ea though, but you could get them next-day if needed.

If you need wheels now is probably the time to buy. Russia is a major supplier of aluminum and other metals, so any brands that depend on that source will be disrupted now.

in the restaurant industry, EVERYTHING is either backordered to 2023, or doubled in price. everything. food, drinks, cleaning, plates, plastics, etc


Well to follow up on my if the world goes to poo. It’s now at poo :rofl:

For those in the manufacturing world, we all just got hit with nickel prices that are up 40% overnight. Such an increase that the market was shut down.

What does this mean for the supply chain and end user? Nickel is the main cost driver in stainless steel.

We have already had suppliers tell us that any order placed prior to 3/7 are subject to increases before shipping.

Russia controls 10-15% of the worlds nickel. The largest mine owners have all been sanctioned.

Good times!

Sort of a supply chain issue, but I planned on attending CKNA at NOLO for the Lo206 race in several weeks, but with gas prices, the cost of the event, hotel, I’m not sure if I want to spend $1,000+ on a race weekend for LO206. . . .

My plan WAS to run this series and then switch to X-30 thereafter, but I’m thinking my plans have changed. As I can run my X-30 (locally) and save that coin that would be otherwise spent on travel. :man_shrugging:

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Funny you say that as I have been thinking just the opposite, going from KA to LO206 with the possibility of using the savings to travel some. Race gas prices were increased last year and this year will surely be higher and my KA rebuild cost would buy a new 206 motor.