Switching from CRG New Age to New Age 3

I am after a replacement front bumper for my CRG Road Rebel (2008), which has the first generation CRG New Age bodywork (homologation). Since I can only find the new 2018 New Age 3 front bumper (homologation), I was wondering if anyone had any experience retrofitting the new NA3 bodywork on a kart with NA1 bodywork. I plan on keeping my current sidepods, and only getting the front bumper and fairing (to make sure they fit/align well with each other) without any mounting/supports.

While the bumpers themselves look very similar, my current bumper does not have drop down mounts (not required at my track), and as can be seen in the homologation sheet, are much thinner than the new ones. Can I simply mount my current mounts to the new bumper and have it sit well within the kart? Or should I also update to the new mounts for the bumper to fit?


It should be fine. The new bodywork comes with changeable brackets so you can get the non-pushback mounts and just use those. As long as the fairing works with the nose (basically don’t use an NA2 nassau panel with the little piece sticking out of the botton) you should be able to mount the bumper the same as before. If you have the changeable mounting blocks already those should just transfer over.

Personally, I like using the pushback bumper even when we didn’t need it. It gives me a decent gauge of if I’m driving too aggressive in traffic or not, and I try to work on driving through a field without pushing it in

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