Tag 100 tire wear

(David Cooke Sr) #1

A set of Blue Evanco tires last one raceday at out track PKRA AZ. for most guys, what are the other options.

(Chris Hinrichs) #2

A set of the hard compound only last a day? Is the track really rough or is it the heat out there wiping them clean?

(Kenny Schmied) #3

In my experience with blues, you can practice on them for about 150, 200 laps at the most, but after about 40-50 laps, they lose about 2 or 3 tenths and continue falling off until they’re about 3/4 of a second down on new tires in the high hundreds of laps. Therefore, yes… a set of blues will only last you one competitive race day, since you certainly wouldn’t want to be qualifying on 50 lap blues vs a field on new tires.

(David Cooke Sr) #4

The track is rough simply cant afford $500 a month (2 races in tires).