Testing the waters with kids

I have a friend at work that is looking to get into karting with his two kids (6 & 10). We can find a rental kart for the Dad no problem. But finding rental karts and gear for the kids is a little more difficult, well nothing so far. Any suggestions? Located up in the NorthEast.

I pointed him towards the forums here, so he might chime in.

You could try asking Keith Raffa at fulltilt if he has any kid karts as rentals. I know he rents a variety of older 2 strokes on top of his normal concession karts. I’m not guaranteeing anything but it’s a lead. His operation can be found on track days at etown and NJMP. They also have a website and contact info.


Ask at your local track who the vendors are they can help get kid karts and sportsman test drive. Sometimes a kart for sale can be test driven as well, so see the local track and vendor classifieds.

I think we got our first test in a kid kart just by asking in the local track forum.

Try asking
Ryan Oulette (RJT Karting)
603 833 0690
George Vorallis (Apexkartsports)
‭(978) 479-7974‬
Mike Camara (CF Motorsports)

Thanks Everyone, been making the rounds on contacts up here, but still got a couple more to go. Etown and NJMP might be a bit far for first time out. I think the safety gear might the bigger challenge unless we find someone to borrow it from. We’ll keep pluggin away.

I recommend checking out Oakland Valley Race Park, if that’s closer to you. They have plenty of kid karts and gear that they can loan out. Their website is http://www.ovrp.net and has all the contact info.

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If you ever get to the Southeast, Kart Carolina has been doing Cadet karts for a while, and they he just added a Kid Kart to his fleet. He runs at CMP and GoPro Motorplex, I’m sure he could help you out.