Texas Spring Series engine seal

Folks, if you are familiar with the new rule (or maybe old rule) which I was not aware of until today please comment. Apparently for LO206 TSRS requires a wire seal from the valve cover bolt on the carburetor side to the carburetor/intake manifold bolt near the choke lever… see picture.
I will try drilling the rocker cover bolt head tomorrow but and not sure there is enough room to drill the other one. How thick is the wire cable they use… What size hole?

A 3/32” or 7/64” hole will work. I did not have enough bolt beyond the nut on the carb either so I just drilled through the nut and bolt.

Route 66 is providing hardware kits from Briggs with the holes already I believe. Might try to see if any of the shops will carry them now.

Per a comment on their Facebook page, the wire is 1.5 mm thick.