Thank you TJ

Wanted to make a public Thank you note to TJ. In general, he’s a great ambassador to the sport as a whole, always willing to share his experiences here, help new people into the sport, provide direction on problems and is a huge asset to this community.

When TJ read a post of mine last week that I couldn’t get rear rain wheels he proactively reached out and volunteered to bring rain wheels to the Route 66 event for me no questions asked. As much as I didn’t want to have to use rain gear it rained like hell on Saturday and thanks to TJ I had the right equipment to go onto the kart for qualifying which lead to a great weekend.

TJ - I can’t thank you enough!


He’s an utter reprobate and is wanted for crimes against axles in 3 states.

I kid, @tjkoyen is the best in a crowded field. He’s been incredibly generous with his time, coaching me.


Happy to help, I just really like go-karting and the community we have here makes it easy to offer a helping hand; you guys on here are all good folks too!

Really appreciate the kind words and it was nice to meet you and @Kutschca this weekend! Great job btw on the results!


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This may be the most kartpulse thing I have ever read. Definitely don’t get that kind of love on FB or other forums. Awesome community.