The Endurance Karting 6 Hours of Joisey

This space reserved… Race coming up in early Aug.


We shall do Pitt first end of June. Chris has the Jersey race in calendar for early Aug although the registration is not available yet.

Between Pitt and NJ is Charlotte. Someday I’d very much like to do that race. I’ve never been to a speedway.

Reg Open!

this will fill, fast :checkered_flag:

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Vehicle ordered: No Hotel needed

Rebel Scum has 2 team slots reserved

Some endurance karting enthusiasts. Picture of festival and Yogi from Reddit.

Does anyone have experience with this:

Completely unrelated…

New facility in Detroit… odd though. Looks like the same company that did the one in Orlando that looks similar. Corkscrew, piano wire, the no-helmet place. Utterly useless as a race facility, but I guess that’s a given. I have always wanted to hoon down one of those parking garage ramp spirals. This looks like a good approximation. How long before a kart ends up in the water?