The Fall Shoot-Out @ Badger Kart Club - Oct. 12

For several years on and off, the “Throwdown” has existed in some form or another. It started as an HPV race where a bunch of us regional/national racers coordinated to come race a club weekend without telling anyone. The locals were a bit surprised to see 25 of the top HPV drivers in the country show up and crash their club race weekend! The traditional trophy for the event has always been a traveling sword, referencing the quote from the Highlander (“There can be only one!”)

The event is back again this year in the form of the IAME Throwdown and the Fall Shoot-Out, which has been building off of a few IAME Pro money races that have been held at Badger throughout the year. Lots of great prizes, great competition, and plenty of fun to be had. I don’t have a ton to do with the organization of the race, but I will be there racing/wrenching/coaching and would love to see plenty of guys come out and help increase the cash prize pool!


That is a terrific poster.

Thanks! It was fun to design. :beers:

Hey TJ…do you guys sell your motors at the end of the season?? I am throwing around the idea of the KA100. I’m tired of being the only guy at Badger running a TAG. They are also throwing around the idea of switching our masters series to the KA100 Masters.

Your shop isn’t far from my house. And would be helpful to have a shop close to help with the work I want to do. Also would love to come in for a proper seat fit to my kart over the winter.

Hey Justin,

All karts and engines are always for sale, but you’d have to talk to Scott at Innovative about specifics. I’m just a lowly tuner/coach/occasional driver, I don’t really deal with the day-to-day business. If you’re interested, I know he has a few KA engines, I can get you his contact info, just PM me.

I will message you on FB…just added.