The fastest guys

So I ran a local tonight that got rained out, but during the hiatus I had a thought. Some of the fastest guys are also the most humble here where I run. Seriously, I pick these guys brains all the time, and although they are on another level (skill wise) they are always willing to help. Maybe that’s because I’m in Masters and guys are less conceded?

Got me thinking that’s what KP is all about. Its just a cool place with cool people.



This is normal, the older guys are always happy to help. Mostly they’re in it for fun, so if they can help you get close to them it’s more fun having someone to battle with on track.

Season before last I was really struggling with the last two turns, kerbs are brutal you need to hit them just so. Got talking to a fellow master on another team he explained me ‘penultimate turn you have to aim for the tires’ - helped tremendously. Try to hit the tyre wall he said, you’ll never manage to because the kerb jinks you away just enough that you ride it perfectly and set up spot on for the last corner. Now I have so much fun at that section :grin:

I have seen it both ways. Most people are willing and want to help at least to some degree. However, there are some that don’t want to share or will only share some or just enough to help a little. I used to race with a guy who was more than willing to help, but I beat him once, which changed his willingness to help me. Racers still want to win.

I think it is more a question of age than skill