The Rock Island GP is Asking for your Ideas

(James McMahon) #1


In 2019, the Rock Island Grand Prix, the world’s largest karting street race, will celebrate its 25thanniversary. It is the largest weekend event of the year in Rock Island and one of the premier festival weekends in the Quad-Cities.

In preparation, we are reaching out to all of our friends for ideas on how it can be improved. We need your ideas. We are looking for:

  • Interesting ancillary activities that you might have seen at other events
  • A one-time idea to celebrate the 25th anniversary
  • Dependable groups we can partner with (or which can take over) planning and producing the event
  • Possible new sponsors or others partners who could benefit from being involved
  • Individuals who would make a good addition to our planning committee. There are many opportunities even if you’re not a race fan.
  • Unique ways of expanding exposure and reach for our many dedicated partners and sponsors

… and anything else that might come to mind.
We hope the Grand Prix’s greatest years are still to come. The 25th year offers a great opportunity for review. We have been doing things a certain way for a long time. The world is changing. The cornerstones of our organizing committee are aging. We can blow up the event and do it differently, tinker around the edges, or pack it in with the knowledge that it provided a huge impact the Quad-Cities, kart racing in the world, and motorsports in general. A lot depends on the responses we get.
If you would like to know more about the Rock Island Grand Prix, please visit our website at .

We like the slogan “Our best memories are still to come” but we need help in charting the best course for the future. Please respond by email with any feedback or ideas to [email protected].

(Steve Pribyl) #2

A Junior 206 class. We would have done this years ago if not for this class was missing. I get the Ignite program but it is not a class that will attract the best drivers and competition.

(James McMahon) #3

I think that’s a little presumptuous. Esp given there’s at least two Indy car racers running ignite at Daytona.

There’s fast drivers that don’t own karts and there’s slow drivers that do.

(Dom Callan) #4

I’ve never done a road (street race) so I have nothing useful to add. I did notice that there’s a significant amount of drama over the idea of adding a kid class. I didn’t realize that the street races were considered pretty dangerous.

(Alan Dove) #5

Fly me over, I’ll cover the race :slight_smile:

(James McMahon) #6

I’ll setup a yapta alert for flights @Alan_Dove

(Chris Hinrichs) #7

There are a ton of trees that are close enough to cause some serious damage.

(Gage Kemp) #8

I know lots of people would disagree but I believe that 4cyl classes would benefit from running CIK bodywork, makes the class even. Yet at the same time they need to enforce rules on floor panels and from feet covers. This also benefits the Ignite drivers and more would be seen running the regular 4cyl classes. They ran CIK only at Indy and there were plenty of drivers willing to make the switch.

(James McMahon) #9

@Roger_Ruthhart what did you guy conclude after all of this?

(Morgan Schuler) #10

Still an open discussion. Our next meeting is February 26th.

(Roger Ruthhart) #11

Still working through a number of issues…stay tuned. Roger