Tillotson hw-27a Tuning

Hi!. I have 2 engines one race and one pratice the practice engine is jut a normal non race prepped out of box x30. and the race engine is my baby. I have a quesstion regarding the carby. When i open the carby up and look at the channels inside i see inperfections in the cast. My dad gave me a tip that i can maby take a samall rope put metall polish on it and polish the channels so that they are perfectly smooth. Would that make any difference in performance (im talking hundreds or thenths) or is there a better way to make a carb faster and better. realabilyty doesnt affect bacuse i rebuild it before every race weekend and same for changin pison on the engine! Any tips what i can do to make the carby better?

Polish makes no difference I that regard. Just make sure it holds pressure and all the gaskets is in good shape and all clean! Also check the reeds as they are very fragile on X30

what pop of shoukd i have on the guage? and what should it hold?
My carb was race prepped by Tegnelius i Järfälla

Whats the differnece between a normal carb that they sell on mondokart and a “race” tillotson hw 27a That cost 100euro more?

Normal: Carburettor Tillotson HW-27A Iame X30 on Offer - Buy Now on Mondokart

“race”: Carburettor Tillotson HW-27A Iame X30 - TUNED EXTREME! on Offer - Buy (mondokart.com)

Just use the standard 39g spring which has a pop off 11psi/0.75bar.

The Mondokart one is just polished in certain places. You will feel absolutely no difference. You shouldn’t worry to much beside keeping everything clean and up to maintenance

ok thanks! if i chnge the jetting needes does it affect?

There is no other needles for this carb. Make sure not swapping them, low and high. And do not force them close. You will damage the tip

Don’t worry to much, keep things fresh and stuff free spinning. Good chain and sprockets and no binding on rear axle

The biggest difference you’ll experience will come from simply jetting the carb optimally for your engine and the given conditions. The X30 is fairly sensitive, and very small changes (2 minutes) to the needles can make a noticeable difference.