Tips for last lap battles and close races

I’m wondering if anyone has tips for last laps to gain a position or keep your position.

Now we wait for actual advice…

You are front runner these days, yeah? What’s working and what’s not? What seems to be on your mind?

ya im racing for the win most race days at gopro, top of the midfiled at nationals but im working on changing that.

strangely enough, i found sending it around the outside works
like in the last lap in this race gopro motorplex x30jn - YouTube

Ok so what’s not working?

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Too many young or inexperienced drivers defend too hard and blow a corner and give up the spot. Know and understand where you are weak or strong on the lap compared to others, and defend appropriately without giving up too much time. But it is highly situational. Sometimes maybe you want to defend a little more aggressively to bottle up the pack behind and try to create some chaos that will let you scamper away in the final corners.

Don’t get to the final lap and then start to develop your plan of defense then. You want to be accumulating information on the karts around you the whole race and strategizing how you will approach the final lap far before you get there. One piece of advice would be to know your opponents really well and how they drive so you can try and anticipate what they will do. Know who’s kart is strong in tight corners, who is braking very late, who is being aggressive, who might have kart that’s falling off, where drivers and their teammates are etc.

The final lap isn’t about pace anymore, it’s about mental games and strategy.


i dont relly know but often i get stuck behind someone (especily in the wet)

Nice footage and nice racing, btw. Pass at 3:15 ish is very nice. The way it should be. You relentlessly closed up the gap and gave him no choice.

Come to think of it, being behind someone is easier in some ways, imho.


it is especially with tracks that have long straits you can just sit in draft for a few laps and cool your tires down.

I’d echo what TJ said. I don’t often get to lead a race but have had the honor a bunch of times. For me, it’s nerves, for you less so, I’d imagine. There was a time when leading was a guarantee I’d make an unforced error. Not so much now.

I guess it’s a matter of perspective. If winning the race isn’t something that seems like a big challenge, it’s a cake walk because there’s no stress. (Ie: my rental races).

I think we’d have to see the cases of you getting “stuck” behind a slower driver. Your skill set is pretty high now and you know how to play with throttle and positioning just fine, saw you do it in the laps of the video you shared above.

I’m not sure if patience ever comes, fully. It would appear that most times it makes more sense to pressure and wait for the opportunity than to force the issue.


On a side note, damn your driving has gotten good. I am really pleased by how you drive with such evident feel. There’s a lot of care being taken to use throttle efficiently and at the right moments. Braking is also really great. This reminds me of KartKraft.

Good stuff. Are you gonna try any national level stuff?

Pass at 6:10 was pretty. Was wondering if you were just gonna push him and then you head-faked me.

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I will I’ve already dipped my feet at Daytona
and uspks where i showed solid top 10 pace
this year I’m running the full uspks season and I might do a few skusa and rotax races and the full gopro season
because why not here is some footage from dytona wka Daytona ka100jn (33 to 13) - YouTube

Add the footage, no link

just put it in it shuld work now

Are you solo or with team now?

currently its just me and my dad but we have run with nitro for a couple races and i might stay with them for some races this year.

Daytona is a wierd track. it feels too loopy in video. No zoom. How does it drive?

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i quite like it to be honest altho i would like a longer strait beacus its easy to run away beacus of how tight it is.