Tire Balancing

As a newbie just a general question. Would you advise anyone to have their kart tires balanced. I will be running MG red tires and have been advised not to bother.

Personally, I have never balanced my tires after mounting. At the highest level or with irregularly worn tires, I can see how there might be some benefit for those last few hundredths, but in general the average club racer need not waste their time. Now, if you have a weird shimmy/vibration at top speed, I would check the balance, but most likely its because something else is wrong (bent wheel, axle, front hub or something is loose).

There a few topics here for you to mull over…


Generally starting out, you’ll be fine as it is. If you feel a vibration of course, then you’ll want to address the source of it. It’s personal perference.

The need to balance depends on the application (Class\speed), personal preference and the consistency of the tire brand/batch. If I’m running the 206 at the local track where we barely break 50MPH, I don’t bother. Running the shifter at over 100MPH for 25mins on a road course, I definitely like to check and balance as the vibration can be severe.

I wouldn’t bother. The only benefit is vibration and I haven’t felt a vibration in a kart tire (beyond the expected vroom vroom vibration) since 2001, and that was on super soft tires that only lasts 50 laps.