Tire Doping

I know this used to be more of a thing and I remember doing this a dozen years ago with YDS tires. What are the current thoughts on this? Worthwhile to do for the off season? Running on a tight budget, I have a set of YLCs and Evinco Blues that still have plenty of tread life left but have been unwrapped for some time. Should I dope them for off season practice? If so, what do y’all use?

I think the most anyone does on the sprint kart side is “flip” the tread from left to right on the kart, as the inside edge can wear relatively fast on Blues…

Curious to hear folks thoughts…

Yea, I’ve done that in the past and with these sets. My set of Blues were my race tires in which I really only used them for 4 club race days, not even practice days. So, still plenty of tread but I know I’ll need a new set fresh for next season. Thus, I’m wondering if I can keep them relatively as soft as new during the colder winter months. I know Comet has plenty of options to buy.

First tire doping is a nasty business. Very toxic and unpleasant.
Second check your local rule book on tire treating. Most rule sets don’t allow tire doping.

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Yes, I know it’s not legal for racing. Not asking about that. I’m asking if it’s worthwhile to dope a practice set for the winter.