TKC's Weird Stuff


(Nik Goodfellow) #21

I’m sorry to say I do in fact have a subscription. Although I’m thinking of cancelling it.

(Steve Pribyl) #22

This is a 1991 Margay LE Road Kart, basically a sprint kart of the era that was stretched and narrowed. Someone put front breaks on it too, we will see if we keep them, makes the front a bit wide.

(Andre Molina) #23

Love it, Steve! I like the colors too.

(matt) #24

I got so tired of their ‘helpful’ half-paywall articles that I posted a complaining post on their FB wall… they didn’t like it :flushed: banned me from subscribing to their fb page.

(Andre Molina) #25

Welcome to the club!

(James McMahon) #26

I’ve lost count of the TKart “promo” pages I’ve been banned from. Mostly because we would call them out for their ripped off Facebook content, espcially KP’s. Continuously. What was extra nice is when KP fans would call them out on it too :smiley:

The amount of stuff they just rip, without any accreditation or permission is beyond a joke, then they have the nerve to place all of their content behind a paywall an never deliver anything actionable or useful as a lead gen…

I mean at the end of the day, it’s their content, their business and their prerogative. But that doesn’t make it any less $hitty.