Tkm 115cc engine on crg chassis

Can anyone tell me if I can put a Tkm 115cc engine on a crg chassis.
The crg has 50mm axle, someone said to me they aren’t sure if tkm engines can run on Tkm engines.
If it won’t work can anyone recommend a relatively cost efficient engine to put on this kart, it currently has a gx160 engine but I don’t think that is big enough for an adult, my sons cadet kart has a gx160 and it struggles to pull me, I’ve tried

Should be fine. Main difference is that the drive may switch from inboard to outboard so make sure you have a drive key on the axle for that.

The Gx160 should be able to pull you with a gearing change though.

Thanks for that.
Will there be a worthwhile gain by changing to the tkm engine or should I just stick with the gx160?

If it’s a two stroke it’s going to make a lot more power but you’ll have to change other things and mix oil with fuel etc.

I’d experiment with gearing on the 160 first.

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