Tom Kutscher Interview at 2018 Summernats

(James McMahon) #1

You’re probably familiar with these “tomversations” with Tom Kutscher at SKUSA. If not, after each protour race @chrisortenburger sits down with Tom for a Q&A. They are usually pretty interesting, but they are also kinda long…

So we’ve split them up into sections so you can tune in to what interests you.

Click the link below for the topic you’d like to watch

Pt. 1 Tom talks about the Briggs 206
Pt. 2 Update on the status of IKF organization and Grand Nationals
Pt. 3 Pushback Bumpers and Driving Standards
Pt. 4 SKUSA Winter Series Updates
Pt. 5 #iame_ka100, exchnage programs, addition to and pro tour.
Pt. 6 Returning to the Rio for Supernats XXII
Pt. 7 #iame_sse 175cc Shifter Engine Update

You can also see the interview in it’s 27min entirety here

Hope you enjoy these. As always, drop your thoughts below.

(James McMahon) #2

Pt. 1: Tom talks about the Briggs 206

(James McMahon) #3

Pt. 2: IKF organization and Grand Nationals Update

(James McMahon) #4

Pt. 3: Pushback Bumpers and Driving Standards

(James McMahon) #5

Pt. 4: SKUSA Winter Series 2019

(James McMahon) #6

Pt. 5: IAME KA 100 added to pro tour & supernats + more

(James McMahon) #7

Pt. 6: Returning to the Rio for Supernats XXII

(James McMahon) #8

Pt. 7: IAME SSE 175cc Shifter Engine

(Daniel Agee) #9

Is there a way to watch this as one long video instead of 8 segments?

Also, does anyone know what he hinted at about new IKF regions?

(Steve Pribyl) #10

Karting at the end of the day is a business so the LO206 is part of someones business plan it just may not be as profitable as shifter karts.

We just want to race and if we can’t afford it we can’t race, so the LO206/Animal works for us.

That said I do have some growing concerns about some builders charging $1200 for a LO206, which is the price of a new methanol Animal.

(James McMahon) #11

I added a link to the full video on FB to the main post. I was waiting until they posted it to youtube… but that hasn’t happened yet I guess.

Not sure on regions :confused:
I’m pretty curious too.

(James McMahon) #12

I don’t think 206 is part of a business plan for IKF/SKUSA perse other than maintaining/attracting entries at IKF sanctioned events with the hope that some will convert to the Prokart and/or winter series.

I do get a kick when people complain about anyone making money in the sport of karting. I can’t rationalize that mentality.

Cash for your business (or anything really if it involves spending money) is like water for a plant. You can’t grow anything without positive cashflow (well, OK or debt). The notion that making money isn’t a worthy goal, or that people should be vilified for doing so is strange to me and frankly stunts the sport.