Tony Kart 401R 2019 with Rotax DD2 Brake problems

Hi Guyz. Im new to the Forum and need some help from experienced drivers. I got myself a new 2019 401R Tony Kart Chassis driving rotax max DD2 engine, which is amazing but only one issue im struggling with is the braking. When i brake coming from high speed straight the whole front of the kart vibrates ,what the reason is i feel the brakes are very powerful especially the front ones. I drive more with front brakes so i should find a solution for this vibration. It will be great if anyone has a solution . Thanks

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If you have too much front bias the front end will “grab”.

For a vibration I’d look at…

Steering components:
Kingpins and kingpin bearings.
Steering column bottom bearing and top bushing.
Tie rod ends/rose joints.

Brake caliper mounting and pad security
Integrity of the caliper bracket on the spindle.

Everything is brand new. First time practicing on it out of the box and base setup all OTK parts.

Reading your post again, you did say it’s new.

I would still check all of those components and hardware. Just in case. Once that’s verified…

Do you know what your toe is set to?

i will check the hardware tomorrow and for the toe i think 2mm out on each side. But not sure again i will double check that tomorrow too. Thanks

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Are the wheels balanced?

after checking all the hardware on the kart there was nothing wrong…Toe is 1mm out from each side. i transfered the brakes to work more to the rear, that was pretty good with the vibration.

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Their brakes are renowned for being really aggresive. I for one, hate them.
The shudder is actually front wheel locking, or close too. There is a rational explanation for the shudder.
You don’t actually need to brake that hard in a dd2. Dont smack the brake hard initially and release pressure if it starts to shudder is more effective. Detune the front brakes till you get used to it.
I had the same experience driving a front braked otk kart the first time.

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I tried to turn the screw all the way towards the rear brake. But i can still feel the fronts are strong. So we will work on the screw and try to make something that can turn the screw more towards rear brake.