Tony Kart Rear Brake Question

The rear brake pad pin has fractured and I am replacing it with the OTK OEM part (Pin & Lock Nut). The threaded end of the pin has a limited amount of threads for the lock nut which in-turn lets the pin float a couple of mm’s left/right. Is this a normal design? The caliper is OEM, the and pin boss on both sides is not compromised. Thanks

Yep, that’s how it should be. Make sure you have the safety barrel tightened in between the pads as well. It holds the pin in place so the pads can’t fall out in case the nut breaks off.

Thanks Zach, really appreciate the swift feedback and yup, the pin barrel bushing did it’s job when the pin fractured (at the pinch nut). My question arose because the front caller pad pins don’t float; they’re tightened.
Tanks again!