Top speed (2.5 mile track)

So a bunch of NHKA guys got out to club motorsports, and they let them use the full 2.5 mile track.
I heard 72mph for 206
83 for WF
109 for shifter
Just thought I’d share

When we ran at the Milwaukee Mile, we hit like 95mph in Komet Junior with breadbox bodywork.

Junior Animals were in the 80s I think.

That’s insane. I’ve hit 75 in a WF, but going 70+ in a 206 is insane.
95 in a junior? What’s the track like?

Mile long oval, one of the oldest permanent tracks in the country. NASCAR and INDYCAR have raced there.

It was pretty sketchy in retrospect but going that fast when you’re a kid is pretty cool outside of the obvious safety issues.

Brought to you by Marlboro. Seriously nuts but very relatable to my youth…

Road racing is fun. I’d say 70’s in a 206 require a train?

Ignite is running a road race series with CES I think now.
Built animals can touch 100 on road courses. 109 is a little low for a shifter, but depends on the track and draft too. Most I’ve seen in a 125 shifter was 119 at gateway, CIK bodywork, gently nudging each other :joy:

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This is without drafting, and an older kz motor.
100 in an animal?? That’s wild. I want to do that badly

It was probably a train. A WF without a draft can barely touch 70 so a 206 definitely needs the draft

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I should qualify the 100 in an animal is in a sprint enduro bodywork setup. Weird narrow track hit not a laydown kinda thing.

What I’d like to know, is if NHKA is trying to make an attempt to woo Club Motorsports into opening up a weekend for them at the big track. I know it’s a private, “country club” type of facility, but it’s really frustrating that the closest Road Race kart events to New England are Summit Point and Pittsburgh.


They used to race the full road course at NHMS, but that was a long time ago.
I wouldn’t expect the NHKA to make any bold moves here
It was actually just an NHKA driver that hosted the event, not NHKA themselves