Two Karts One Truck

Ok so I have just acquired another 2011 Topkart Flash Rotax max for free to match the other one that I was gifted! Question is has anyone with a full sized truck (mine is a 2017 F250 Superduty long bed) made some king of rack/transport system where two karts can sit on top of the truck bed rails at 90 degrees to the truck?

I wonder if there is enough room on a sled deck to fit two karts ? If you can weld it wouldn’t be too hard to fab a rack out square tubing.

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Not sure what a sled deck is! I can pretty much fabricate anything :blush:

Google it. I cant figure out how to copy a link on this stupid tablet. It is basically a deck that allows 2 snowmobiles to be loaded on top of a pickup truck.