UK’s Super One Series Moves to Vortex for 2019

(James McMahon) #1

Following the split of the Super One series and the UK’s ASN, MSA…

Super One have announced that they are adding Vortex RoK classes in 2019.

Racers will have a chance to run at the RoK world finals as well as RoK the Rio in Las Vegas :thinking:

(Liam Sergeant) #2

They are also trying hard to introduce Rok DVS in New Zealand. Apparently there’s a bit of politics behind things.

The class being replaced is KT100 (in New Zealand), not Rotax as I thought.

(John Leah) #3

Looking at the provisional Super one calendar for 2019 it would seem that it is the IAME X30 classes which have been dropped to be replaced by Vortex Rok.

Classes listed are Honda cadet, IAME cadet,TKM, Rotax,

Vortex Rok classes would be new to the UK scene and as I understand it not admissible by our ASN.

It would seem to follow that the whole Super one series ,37 years old , will break away from the ASN and run as an IKR ( independent kart racing) series.

Interesting that this press release should appear on KP .Haven’t seen any mention in UK karting press as yet.

(James McMahon) #4

I got a little insider info that I deemed very reliable :wink:
Looks like it’s being posted elsewhere today.

Yes, Super One and the MSA split a few weeks ago. It surprised me, like you say they have been synonymous for so long with so many great races and drivers.

(Marin Vujcich) #5

Bit of a running Joke here in NZ, the decision of this engine was so blatantly biased from the onset is was ridiculous.
hugely political. Using the excuse for replacing KT100 as justification. Replace a $1200 engine with a $6000 and say it is aimed at club racers…hmmm.
No seniors are going for it ($6000 for 22hp Rotax $4600 for 30hp), some juniors are running it as there is a chance for the rok cup entry.

(Liam Sergeant) #6

That’s what I kind of thought as well. I was speaking with a few guys who race competitively who said the same thing. I didn’t want to put too much out there for fear of having my wires crossed. But it sounded like the politics were from a particular bias against the Rotax.

I hope Rotax remains strong. That’s what I have and would like to be able to race one day.

(Marin Vujcich) #7

Unfortunately some of the people who have the agenda’s don’t understand critical mass of markets. We are too small in numbers to justify multiple engines in each class. We got onto the Rotax band wagon when it was at its strongest, irrespective of the opinions of this engine, it is here in numbers. We cant sustain any dilution in class numbers, so Rotax will be here for some time.

(Alan Dove) #8

What UK karting press? :slight_smile:

(James McMahon) #9

Fair point. I haven’t seen anything from karting magazine lately, the site was down for something like a month at one point. could use a KP coming the arse :joy: