Under steer

I bought a Mango Dingo kart for the grand kids. It had 8" tires on the rear and 6" on the front. I put on a new predator 212 cc engine. in order to keep the cost down instead of putting a torque converter on it and staying with the 8" rear tires i downsized the rear tires to 6" tires so i could use a centrifugal clutch. . When turning in tight corners it doesn’t handle well at all. It will slide the front tires instead of gripping and turning. So in tight turns they have to slow way down to make the turn . I noticed if i turn the steering wheel all the way either left or right then push the kart forward it sort of try’s to just slide the tires straight ahead instead of turning sharp. I mean it turns but I can tell its trying to slide forward. It also will lift on one tire when the steering wheel is full turned in either direction. Any little void on the pavement surface and I can literally spin one of the tires. In other words it is not contacting pavement surface at all. I’m thinking going with the 6" rear tires has caused the kart to lift in the front end. With the 8" tires it tilts the front end down. We never drove the kart with 8" rear tires so we have no idea if it handled better (or normal) with that setup? This issue caused the kart on the first time out to slide of the track (school parking lot). The original 8” rear tires and rims were junk so I threw them out in the trash. So there no longer availible to throw on and test a larger tire. Scaring the crap out of us!! What do ya think?

Looks like a fun kart. Wish my grandad had done the same lol.

Pretty sure you destroyed the handling putting sixers on the back. I’d say it’s nose down for a reason - to push more weight onto the front wheels.

Try it with the I8s