Unser Karting Location Set to Close


(James McMahon) #1

A Press Release from: Unser Karting
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It is with a heavy heart that we are announcing the permanent closure of our Centennial track.

Unser Karting and Events has brought high-performance karting to Colorado for the past 8 years. Our facility in North Denver opened over 8 years ago and we opened our outdoor location in South Denver in 2016. Our goal in expanding to South Denver was to duplicate a similar karting experience and high level of service we’ve delivered in North Denver since our inception.

Due to several factors, we have unfortunately made the decision to close our South Denver outdoor track effective immediately. We have learned over the course of the last few years, that the inherent challenges presented in operating an outdoor track have limited the experience and quality of racing that we pride ourselves in delivering.

This is an extremely tough decision for us but will allow us to refocus our efforts in improving and growing our North Denver location.

We want to sincerely thank all of our loyal customers and the Centennial community who have helped make Unser Karting and Events what it is today.

(James McMahon) #2

Statement from CKT (Colorado Karting Tour) today.

(Charles Skowron) #3

I’m surprised no else has replied about this story, as I’m sure this will affect many racers in that area. As for a “Plan B”, I don’t remember how many other tracks they have in that region, do they still race at IMI?

They don’t disclose the details why it suddenly closed, so I can’t speculate. But we’ve had good news lately of some new tracks proposed to be built, as well bad news of a couple facilities shutting down. I hope this isn’t a start of a trend to the latter.

(X Claude) #4

It’s sad indeed. It’s the only state of the art modern track in the Denver area. Shifter Kart City in Morrison is falling apart. IMI is far and isn’t really a proper kart track. Let’s hope someone brings the track at Centennial back! I am disappointed as I’m in the process of finishing my kart build and was looking forward to going the the Track at Centennial to run. It’s a sad announcement indeed.

(Dom Callan) #5

This facility looked amazing as was on my list of “must try”.

(Kenny Schmied) #6

Very sad news indeed for Colorado karters. Hopefully the facility can still be used in some capacity for events but I don’t foresee a rental operation returning if Unser can’t make it work. This was my favorite track and the staff was top notch as well. Very sad to see it go.

Quite a shame as Action Karting has a rough track in need of repairs, huge kerbs, and large kart-peppering rocks filling nearly every run-off. I know a few local racers that won’t race there at all. I’ve also heard that IMI to the north is heaving because of winter thaw-freeze and from usage from drift cars. It’s also a pretty “stupid” layout, doesn’t flow, doesn’t have kerbs, and the owners have zero care for safety. And when I say zero, I mean ZERO. They were mowing the grass with a big tractor right on the edge of the track while the track was hot last time I practiced there. Again, I know local racers who won’t even race there. I will during a ckt event when ckt has control of the safety, but I won’t practice there otherwise.

I’ve also showed up with trailer, cooler, kart, and driving coach only to find out the track was closed for half a day for a private rental event. Nothing on their website from 1995 or their social media. IMI is a mess in my opinion.

That leaves SBR which is an hour and a half haul from Denver. I like the track even though it’s a bit short, and Lee is a fixture in the local karting community. But 3 hours round trip gets old.

There is also grand junction but that’s even further away. I have a feeling if the track at centennial can’t host races, we are going to see CKT participation plummet. I imagine the Unser spots on the ckt calendar will be replaced by action, IMI or sbr. If a group of people won’t race at action and a group won’t touch imi… that really leaves sbr which already hosts the rok the rockies series and as I said, is a 3 hour round trip making a local club race day quite a haul.

Really hope something can get figured out here :frowning:

(James McMahon) #7

Yeah that’s frustrating. I’ve had similar experiences at times. One where a track called off a fun “end of season event” on a Sunday and didn’t really tell anyone other than those at the track on Sat. Packed the family in the car for a 3hr round trip for nothing, track was totally closed.

Another time I called the track to come out, they told me they had been closed for two weeks. Zippo on social or their website.

I want to be sympathetic to the demands on the folks that run tracks, I know it’s not easy. What gets me is when you notice the track has someone sitting behind the counter for hours on end with nothing to do. Surely they could be trained on customer communication? … rather than wait for calls and or put it on each customer to find out if they’ve decided to close for the day or not.

A little goes a long way.