Upgrading Brake System On 2018 Margay Ignite K3

Hi guys,

I am fairly new to karting having only started around a year ago with a Margay Ignite K3 with an Lo206 Engine. Everything has been amazing so far and I am planning to move into the Texas Sprint Racing Series in the Lo206 Junior Class.

I have seen multiple places that the braking system on the K3 is not the best in the world and when I am up against swarms of shiny compkarts I wonder if I could find more time with a different braking system. Would it even make a difference in the Lo206 kart? I know that 2 strokes need the more advanced rear brakes for their higher speed but would I even benefit from better brakes. If so, what are the best braking systems I could look into that don’t cost a third of the kart. Thanks.

In what way do you feel like the are lacking? A pad compound change might be all you need.

The MCP brake system is a very good setup. I doesn’t have all the shiny bits and braided lines of the Euro stuff. It doesn’t look as cool as other brake systems. But honestly I’d choice the MCP setup over a lot of Euro stuff. Some people even ditch the Euro stuff for the MCP. I’ve had issues with a few Euro brands over the years and should have just swapped the stuff out for a MCP setup.

There are a few different pad compounds you could try and possibly use thicker rotors. I don’t know what you currently have on the K3. You could also do a dual setup on the rear. You have options to try. Your not getting beat because of the brakes on the K3.

I use a dual setup on my sprint enduro and I trust it going 90 mph. It will lock up the rear no problems.