Utah Karting Championship Suffers Venue Setback

From Facebook today…


Unfortunately we were dealt some bad news yesterday. After months of negotiation UMC cancelled the Utah Kart Championship season in its entirety. This is a huge problem that needs be discussed and handled. We have many options to talk about and need you in attendance to provide input if at all possible. If unable to attend there will be a live feed on both Facebook and Instagram via utahkartchampionship.com.

All is not lost. We are still making progress to get a season together. We will still be having our test and tune this Saturday so keep on wrenching.

Hope to see you tonight.

Livestream video:

Thanks for linking to the livestream James, I’m watching this right now.


Comment from Ayrton Littel

So now that the dust has settled on the UKC news,

I have been at the track for most of the morning gathering more information and painting myself a picture of the entire situation.

The first point I would like to make is to calm down. Everyone (Myself included) was very overwhelmed and upset by this recent news and in response is expecting the worst. Things are in much better shape than the impression we have all been given would lead you to think.(You’ll just have to trust me on this). At this moment we should all be preparing for 2 different things.

  1. The long term solution: Looking later into the spring and into the remainder of the season the odds of a kart series at the track are still very much in favor of us. And we should all be planning to race rather soon and continue to prepare for a great year of racing

  2. The short term consequences: With the first race scheduled to take place 9 days from today, and a lot of work needing to be redone, I see it as a very likely possibility that there will not be racing that soon.

As stated last night, the pre-season test that was scheduled for Saturday is still happening and I strongly encourage everyone to move forward with their race preparation. Let’s not only show UMC what the UKC is and why it is important, let’s get our Karts ready to race, because that’s what we will be doing.

Club racing in Utah will come out of this stronger if we can stay calm, be patient and help us work through this minor setback.

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