Various definitions of Contact

when i spent some time in canada, karting there and here in the emirates is different for sure all have different experience levels and whether chill or aggro but in terms of experience I think canada takes the win

I think all contact is avoidable with the exception of mechanical failure. In my class, the top 5 can all race hard and clean. That is not to say incidents don’t happen, but generally any touch is a miscalculation of inches in the braking zone, during a cross over or a little tap on someone’s rear bumper to let them know you are there. None of it results in loss of position and we all drive aggressively within reason.

Then you have the back markers that make crazy dive-bomb moves trying to use you as their brakes or just foolishly thinking they take a corner without braking, slide jobbing your side-pods and pushing you off line or worse off track. More often than not, they end up taking themselves out. The best rule of thumb in dealing with those drivers is to get far enough ahead of them, they no longer influence your race.


I agree with you, you said it exactly right

I dunno @GregF
The TSRS KA100 Sr race at Cresson had plenty of people being used up from P1 to P40. Some of the best KA Sr drivers in the nation were on track, so there was ample experience.
I believe it could be more a case of age and wisdom than just experience.

I think there is an element of self-perpetuation of the bumping and aggressiveness. Just the racing mentality of “if they are doing it, get away with it and gain an advantage, then I also have to do it in order to stay competitive”. Nobody can take the “noble” route of racing clean and expect to win if the other 39 drivers are bumping and griding. So what do you do? The only thing really, bump and grind with them…If you don’t then you have no shot and if you know you have no shot, why are you racing?

It is unfortunate really. I think situations like the race you mention is a product of bad officiating rather than bad drivers. Drivers will do anything they can get away with to gain an advantage. If they can’t get away with it, it won’t self-perpetuate through the whole field.

What I said was,

, and I stand by that. That does not mean it doesn’t happen.

Spencer nailed here,

It is terrible to think that as you go from Club to Regional and then to National levels of racing that contact is less penalized or more broadly accepted. I realize the stakes are higher at each successive level, but I stand by my opinion that all contact is avoidable.

It disgusts me to see some of the carnage that happens at the back of the field in KA Sr on the Kart Chaser broadcasts. Not being there, I don’t know what if any penalties get handed out, but I have seen some wadded up karts on the side of the track in the broadcasts. It would seem that KA Jr and Sr have some of the worst contact issues than any other class. I don’t know if it is because of the relative age of the drivers or the tremendous fields on track that the drivers feel like the only way to make a move is to move someone out of their way.

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